Tuesday, October 16, 2018

New Deal Demoncrat on US wages

New Deal Demoncrat - is the taboo against raising wages beginning to break?

The interesting thing about this is that a rise in worker compensation is what you need in order to get a really growing economy.

Not just due to consumption increases, but also due to the fact that rising wages generate investment in capital in order to substitute away from more expensive labour. And the US makes a lot of money from capital investment in production.

Tim Duy the doomer guy

Tim Duy the economics doomer guy - Fed intent on raising rates even if economy sours.

I dunno… tanking the economy with rate hikes, the way Volcker did, isn't really popular nowadays. Both in the conservative Clinton 90s and the conservative Bush 00's, the Fed was willing to blow a bubble with artificially low rates.

And I'm sure that the Fed staff realize deep down that their dot plots are a worthless pathetic joke, considering the dots have been wrong for the past ten years.

I'm wondering if Duy is just coming down with New Deal Demoncrat's Trump Disease.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Ritholtz on the crash

Ritholtz - the crash that everyone saw coming.

Random walk is a bullshit theory propounded by idiots who never read the original book, by the way.

What actually happens is, people buy because they see buying driving prices up, and people sell because they see selling driving prices down. This turns all market moves into hammerblow-torque positive feedback-driven moves. Take second-year difference equations at university.

If this was a real crash, with a real reason, you'd see a fast market go limit-down.

Um... like it did a few years ago, from whence it bounced back, or like it did a few months ago when XIV got destroyed, from whence it bounced back.


Everybody's selling!:

Horrible, eh?

If it breaks through the weekly SMA(50), then that'll be yet another nail in Trump's coffin for next month's elections. People will be blaming the crash on his trade wars, his tax break sugar high, his massive deficits and so on.

Til then, all I'll say is dammit I wish there was still a short vix ETF for this kind of action.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Market is pooping, someone call Gary Wordsalad

Oopsie, the Nasdaq just broke its 50-day:

The R2K has been barfing for a while, but I'm sure your favourite blogger already called it to your attention:

And apparently it's all because yields are popping:

Does this mean we finally get to see the massive repudiation of debt as a dishonest system is coming apart at the seams?

The one that Gary Wordsalad was predicting in 2013, before the S&P 500 returned 60% plus dividends over the following five years?

More on Russian morons

Sorry, Vlad, but your country is not the great powerhouse of espionage that it used to be back in the day, no matter how much you masturbate at night about it:

The Guardian - string of own goals by Russian spies exposes a strange sloppiness. Quote:

One of the men, Aleksei Morenets, an alleged hacker, appeared to have set up a dating profile.

Another played for an amateur Moscow football team “known as the security services team” a current player told the Moscow Times. “Almost everyone works for an intelligence agency.” The team rosters are publicly available.

Russia has claimed that the investigations are fake and that researchers are in league with western intelligence. But most of the evidence to uncover the spies was already out there, and conveniently timestamped on social media.

It's about as stupid as when the Russians shot down MH-17 over the Ukraine, then bragged about it on Vkontakte.

It gets even worse, by the way: the laptop seized in Holland proves the agents also worked in other countries because the idiots were running off the hard drive, which any script kiddie knows is stupid: you do your work on a USB-based OS so you leave no traces.

And even The Sun wades in:

The Sun FFS, I mean really - Vladimir Putin’s ‘dumb Bond’ spies outed 300 Russian agents because their Lada was registered to top-secret cyber HQ. Quote:

Intelligence agencies around the world now have a database of Kremlin agents because two of the GRU agents snapped at The Hague last night were travelling under their real passports, names and dates of birth.

Haven't these fucking idiots watched The Bourne Identity?

Commons Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Tom Tugendhat MP said Russian corruption could be behind the GRU gaffes. He said: “Decades of theft have stripped Russia’s intelligence of the skills they once had. Putin’s corrupt greed has turned the GRU into an amateurish bunch of jokers.”

Yeah, that's pretty much the answer.

Funny, by the way, that the Sun calls Corbyn a "useful idiot" of the Russians when we all know it was Farage and UKIP, The Sun's best buddies, who were funded by the GRU for the past5 years.

Friday videos: hot chicks dancing to Haddaway

This actually would have been a popular video if it'd been done back in the day:

Friday, September 28, 2018

This is what blogging can do

BBC - Bellingcat: the website behind the Skripal revelation.

If you're a blogger, you're able to discover that one of the two men that Russia admits was in Salisbury when Skripal was poisoned is in fact a high-ranking GRU officer.

Really, Russia first putting him on TV and acknowledging he's a suspect, and then forgetting to scrub all his data from the internet, shows just how idiotic the country has become.

Friday videos: 30 year anniversary of the Summer of Love edition

Let's do a bunch of Friday videos of dance music from the age of dance:

Monday, September 24, 2018


Our Daniela again, interviewing Brent Cook, not much to say except that he's still white as a sheet and he's still very emo about gold miners: