Friday, March 1, 2019

Friday videos: Lush

For some reason, they thought it was a good idea to make a video for a 7 minute song.

And no, Lycia hadn't put out their long-song period music yet, so these guys really got there first.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

the PDAC curse

I respectfully remind everyone that, every year, no fail, gold and the miners see their charts get utterly destroyed around PDAC.

PDAC is this weekend.

So whatever junior gold position you own, dump it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Kaiser brilliance again

Jesus, this guy just doesn't stop writing genius:

I point out that the real conflict is not about the masses versus the elite, liberals versus conservatives, or Republicans versus Democrats. It is about working people versus retirees with the latter including all the baby boomers, the last of whom retire in 2030. When you look at from where federal revenues come from, and to whom they go, you see a one-sided situation. Why should retirees have universal healthcare while working people pay through the nose? While the debt keeps rising and rising, crushing the future of today's workers? Who pays for the healthcare of the growing gig economy? There is an intergenerational battle looming in which both the Democrats and the Republicans will be the enemy.

Holy cow, John Kaiser

Was wondering what John Kaiser has been up to... came across this:

Kaiser website - ready for a resource junior turnaround. Quote of the day:

The course plotted by the Trump administration for the world in geopolitical and economic terms is leading to a period of extreme uncertainty and turmoil one would expect to further dampen speculative interest in resource juniors. Since June 2018 metal prices and resource producer equity prices have been in a downtrend, behaving like a canary in a coal mine with regard to the outlook in 2019 when the complex consequences of an escalating global trade war start taking effect. What happens after a sharp equity market correction and economic downturn in the United States? When the dread of a shrinking personal future which underpins a rising global enthusiasm for thug rule gets replaced by an explicit reality? Destabilizing resentment will go through the roof, squaring off within the rural-urban, old-young, rich and not so rich, and secular-religious divides that have evolved in the United States. What matters is not how social conflict unfolds within the United States, but how thug nations elsewhere in the world cope with their own internal stresses in response to the American withdrawal from a unifying global leadership role.

I still prefer Cookie's supply & demand narrative to any sort of social commentary, but man Kaiser hasn't lost his fire, has he?

"Thug nations" is my new quote. I'm going to introduce it to all the profs.


And unfortunately, I'm going to be skipping PDAC again this year, since I have a presentation on real estate due Monday, and a location-allocation lab that I need to work on.

But probably I'll be going every year again, starting next year, when I'm doing my graduate school work in geography. Which isn't a given as of yet, but should be at some point.

So, newsletter writers! Be very afraid! Beginning next year I'll be back to skewering you every March!