Saturday, December 22, 2018

Xmas videos!

Gotta do it every year, counting down the Xmas hits.

I'd do "Bring Me To Life" every day for a week, given the market action, but I've already been playing Moby.

So instead, here's The Residents:

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Free fallin'!

I really can't stand Tom Petty, but there's nothing else to sum it up:

Does the market crash all the way to the Trump inauguration level of 2100?

That would be a legitimate overshoot of the weekly 200 SMA.

I still think this is just an overreaction to indicators that are shifting back to normal, but where everyone has forgotten what normal is - because the entire monetary regime of the past 10 years has been highly abnormal.

Plus I'd like to read somewhere about whether or not money is flowing back into money market after a ten-year hiatus. That money would have to come from another market. And if money market is yielding 2%, and we're past the midpoint of a cycle, it makes great sense to reduce risk by selling a 2%-yielding equity position with downside exposure for 2%-yielding money.