Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Some Schadenfreude news

While you're all waiting for Trump's impeachment, which can't happen anyway til after the Dems take the House and Senate, because the Republicans would never go after one of their own no matter how corrupt and incompetent he is, even if it means they can replace him with the much more palatable (to Republicans) Mike Pence, here's some other news:

Financial Post - cryptocurrency investors wiped out. Apparently the value of all outstanding tokens is down by 75 percent. So why are they even still news?

Calculated Risk - demographics and inflation. This is an interesting idea: can inflation simply be a demographic phenomenon? This is from the BIS:
A robust relationship emerges that accords with the lifecycle hypothesis. That is, inflationary pressure rises when the share of dependants increases and, conversely, subsides when the share of working age population increases. This relationship accounts for the bulk of trend inflation, for instance, about 7 percentage points of US disinflation since the 1980s. It predicts rising inflation over the coming decades.
This is really neat.

CFR - Turkey's financial vulnerabilities. It's a different kind of crisis, but it's definitely going to have to come to a head. As an aside, Turkish banks facing a funding crunch, and having the ability to count gold as reserves, might explain why gold crashed this past month: the Turkish banks are liquidating their gold holdings first. Anyway, let's hope the German and Swiss banking fuckers who've backed this fascist get wiped out in the ensuing mayhem.

New Deal Demoncrat - 2012 Obama voters by 2016 vote. Basically, the Democrats need to find a better candidate than Hillary in 2020. As if they can even grasp that, instead of just blaming their defeat on some mythical neo-Nazis and racists suddenly coming into existence. Anyway, I don't know if this has any bearing at all on the 2018 midterms.