Sunday, March 18, 2018

New computer - thoughts

Had to buy a new computer this semester - the old one was still running Vista, and was 32-bit, and since I'm taking a load of GIS classes, I needed something new and powerful to run ArcGIS Pro. So I dropped $1200 on a high-end gaming tower.

Two thoughts:

1) I dunno why people are so down on Windows 10. It works fine. It boots up in fricking 5 seconds, man. That is fast. Yes, it looks a bit chintzy with all its "hey, let's install paid apps like you're a dumbass Chromebook user!" schtick, but with that in mind it's still better than Vista. It's almost as good as Win98.

2) I dunno why people are so down on Edge. I'm in the middle of a browser file upload right now and Edge is taking up like 0.6% of CPU to do it: the same work in Firefox would take three entire fucking chips and 2GB of RAM. I certainly would prefer being able to install loads of ad and script blockers, but I'm not going to install Firefox's worthless bloatware to do it, and I had a bad experience with Chrome.

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