Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A response to all the Daniela Cambone searches

Yes, I'm still getting hundreds of "is Daniela Cambone married?" searches on this blog, even years after the fact, which would maybe be nice if this blog is monetized, which it isn't.

And I don't fucking get it really, because as I've noted several times before, Daniela may be nice and all that but she isn't half as attractive as former Cambridge House interviewer Vanessa Collette, and yet I never see searches for her.

I mean, just look at how cute Vanessa is here, interviewing perennial blog fave Jeff Berwick in 2013:

No comparison with Daniela, right? I mean, Even Jeff is stunned by the otherworldly radiance of Vanessa's transcendent beauty, and he normally only gets a woodie for Ludwig von Mises.

So, after looking at the blog stats and seeing all the bloody annoying Daniela searches (and for the record yes, Daniela is married, and her wife's name is Susan and is very pretty), I decided to search for Vanessa Collette to see what she's up to.

And good god damn, she's still a huggable little angel:

She can also make nice-looking food.

I've never ever seen Daniela make food.


Not even a hot dog.

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