Friday, November 24, 2017

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thought police at Laurier

As a preface, understand that Laurier has never had a reputation for being a good university. And that's why a clown with barely any publication history (Rambukkana), a MA from Trent and Ph.D. from Concordia, who's only an assistant prof, gets together with another essentially unpublished assistant prof who took 8 whole fucking years to complete a Ph.D. (Herbert Pimlott) to bully a grad student with all the zeal of a fucking scientologist.

Well, also, Laurier has no union for TAs.

Global - Laurier's handling of Lindsay Shepard case 'inexcusable'.

And actually, even if you leave the bullying out, and leave the fascist thought policing out, it's still inexcusable because of the following:

1. They've created a toxic workplace for Shepard. The bullying interview is malicious, and she has valid grounds for a lawsuit.

2. Because the toxic workplace is tied to her MA studies, she's got valid grounds to sue for her Laurier tuition and living expenses back, as well as for future career damage.

3. In addition, they slandered Jordan Peterson (no, not with the Hitler bit: they explicitly asserted that he intentionally and maliciously inflicts criminal damage on people who disagree with him, and the assertion is false). Peterson has grounds for a lawsuit.

I'm not a Rebel Media person (frankly, while I'm a hardcore classical liberal, I also believe your right to your opinions stops the moment you make me want to kick your teeth in for being a fucking asshole), and Peterson made his own trouble by aligning with Ezra Levant's dipshit website.

But I can tell you, as a university student, that there are hundreds of professors like this in the country, who have contributed nothing to scholarship but instead managed to get jobs by writing pseudointellectual bullshit. Their books are read by nobody, and whatever articles they do bother to write are essentially vanity publishing.

And by the way: they're not left wing, quit calling them that. Not a single one of these people will ever bring class or labour into their political analysis, because they were born into the petit bourgeoisie, they recognize themselves as thoroughly bourgeois, and they are thoroughly aligned with bourgeois class interests.  That's why they feel they deserve six-figure salaries for spewing wordsalad.

So it's not "left wing" to advocate rabidly for trans rights, to the point of sounding like a lunatic: it's just cultist nonsense by bourgeois entitled pseuds  whose university careers save them from having to fucking work for a living, who feel no need to contribute any real scholarship to the world.

As for Lindsay Shepard, she also made her own bed by doing an MA in Communication Studies.

Basically, it's all a war between useless entitled brats of the kleptocratic elite. Welcome back to the 18th century.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wednesday news

Gotta remember to watch Mr. Robot tonight, I missed it last week:

New Deal Demoncrat - still no DOOOOOM in the yield curve. No, it hasn't inverted. And as the charts show, the yield curve being flattish can go on for five years... of fantastic expansion like the late 1990s.

Calculated Risk - chemical activity barometer really positive. It's got a lead of about a year on industrial production. Though, actually, the US economic cycle is mostly governed by real estate, not industry.

Reuters - in Trump strongholds, some Dems want to go for broke. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if Beto O'Rourke's campaign to legalize marijuana and bring in universal health care wins him a Texas Senate seat. #1, Texas is demographically swinging left, we've known this for a decade. #2, maybe the reason Dems haven't been able to win in hardcore-Republican states is because they try too much to sound to sound like slightly-less-hateful Republicans?

I mean, if I were living in Nazi Germany I wouldn't vote for Mr. Slightly Less Hitler. I'd want to vote for Mr. About As Unlike Hitler As You Can Get.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

INTERSTELLAR SPACESHIP ARRIVES: here's what you need to know

I don't know why this isn't getting more play:

Guardian - interstellar spaceship arrives in our solar system. And yet they continue calling it an "asteroid" because the PTB don't want us mouth-breathing natives to get all worked up:

Astronomers are now certain that the mysterious object detected hurtling past our sun last month is indeed from another solar system. They have named it 1I/2017 U1(’Oumuamua)

'Oumuamua means "scout" in Hawaiian. Is there something they don't want us to know?

And if so, why are they telling us?

It is thought to be an extremely dark object, absorbing 96% of the light that falls on its surface, and it is red. This colour is the hallmark of organic (carbon-based) molecules. Organic molecules are the building blocks of the biological molecules that allow life to function.

Yeah, "red" like a warship, not like organic carbon molecules.

They are travelling too fast to be captured by the gravity of the sun.

Ask yourself: how likely is it that a dumb piece of rock can travel too fast to be captured by the Sun's gravitational well?

And if that's not enough, here's an "artist's representation" of this "asteroid":

Does THAT look like an "asteroid" to you? Yeah, right.

How likely is it that an "asteroid" is going to be so long and thin? Why hasn't it broken up along the long axis from torque or collisions, or compressed due to gravity? Was it just made a couple years ago?

In a spaceship factory by aliens?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is an interstellar spaceship. We have been found. Soon the aliens will attack.

Buy gold, cos blockchain won't mean dangly wobbly donkey dick when they take out all global communications and computers with their worldwide EMP attack.

Where the fuck is Jeff Berwick when you need him?

Monday, November 20, 2017

Some Monday evening reading

Home stretch before exams. Here's stuff:

New Deal Demoncrat - housing slump looks like it is ending. Is there no end to the bull market?

Bonddad - quit piddling your frilly pink panties. The junk bond doom is not all it's cracked up to be.

IPE Zone - Norway's $1T SWF divesting from oil. Frankly, they should have done this years ago: their income is heavily correlated with oil to begin with, and you're supposed to count your income stream as part of your investment portfolio.

FT - world's pool of negative-yielding debt swells to $11T. Because there's too much money and not enough places to invest it. I mean, what would you rather hold, cash?

BBC - Indonesia's Orang Rimba forced to renounce their faith. I guess now that we evil white colonizers have learned how evil we were to forcibly convert natives and steal their land, the brown people of the world can have their turn at being evil.