Tuesday, December 5, 2017

All news is bitcoin news

Blah blah, gold miners lose their support and come crashing down, blah blah Mueller investigating Trump's bank accounts at known Russian money launderer Deutschebank, blah blah Republicans vote to add a trillion dollars to the US deficit to give the rich a tax break....

No, I can see in the stats that what you really want is "bitcoin sucks" news.

So here you go:

Barkley Rosser - yup, bitcoin is a bubble, the bad kind. Don't bother reading it: he's an economist, even a very intelligent one.

Cecchetti and Schoenholtz - yup, bitcoin is a bubble, grannies are investing in it now. Though I'd like to point out that the dividend discount model is utter fucking nonsense: portfolio theory is the only model of asset price that makes sense. Also, the one guy is named Kermit, seriously.

And, more related than you might think:

BBC News - who's buying this "hugely popular Putin calendar" that the Russians are on about? Answer: nobody. Nobody's actually buying it. It's fake news. The real kind of fake news, the kind that's actually fake.

But if you have decent Photoshop skills, you could make a fucking fortune selling parody Putin calendars this month. Just send me $0.25 per unit sales for giving you the idea.

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