Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Alabama Senate election: the line?

Well, looks like Alabama is sending a Democrat to the Senate. Roy Moore just couldn't win the state.

Which gets me to thinking:

Used to be, the Republicans were successful in getting elected with overt racism (Reagan's "welfare mothers") and chickenhawk sabre-rattling (Bush's Iraq invasion).

But they had to up the ante when the Democrats decided to join them (Clinton's "welfare reform" and continued bombing of Iraq).

So they became the party of angry Tea Party populism and Obama hating.

But then the Democrats crowded them out of that too (Bernie Sanders).

So, recently, the Republicans experimented with swinging even farther right, into rape apologia, worship of Russian fascism, and impersonating mentally retarded compulsive liars and sociopaths.

And finally, even the Republican base said no, that's just a bit too far for us right now, give us a few years.

So Alabama means nothing in the grand scheme of things, except that maybe Republicans will need to "swing back to the centre".

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