Monday, November 20, 2017

Some Monday evening reading

Home stretch before exams. Here's stuff:

New Deal Demoncrat - housing slump looks like it is ending. Is there no end to the bull market?

Bonddad - quit piddling your frilly pink panties. The junk bond doom is not all it's cracked up to be.

IPE Zone - Norway's $1T SWF divesting from oil. Frankly, they should have done this years ago: their income is heavily correlated with oil to begin with, and you're supposed to count your income stream as part of your investment portfolio.

FT - world's pool of negative-yielding debt swells to $11T. Because there's too much money and not enough places to invest it. I mean, what would you rather hold, cash?

BBC - Indonesia's Orang Rimba forced to renounce their faith. I guess now that we evil white colonizers have learned how evil we were to forcibly convert natives and steal their land, the brown people of the world can have their turn at being evil.

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