Friday, November 3, 2017

On Boston pulling its 2024 Olympics bid once the figured out what they'd signed on for

This is fucking nuts, but then again, you'd expect it when the Olympics is run by tax-dodging, corrupt thieves.

Tim Taylor - on Boston and the 2024 Olympics. Quote:

On January 8, 2015, the US Olympic committee chose the city of Boston from among four finalists to be the US city that would compete for the right to host the 2024 Summer Olympic games. By July, the USOC had retracted the invitation. What happened? Andrew Zimbalist, who had a ringside seat for the controversy from his position at Smith College as well as a professional interest as a researcher in sports economics, tells the story in "Boston Takes a Pass on the Olympic Torch: Scholarly research does sometimes have a positive effect on public policy," which appears in the Fall 2017 issue of Regulation magazine (pp. 28-33)

Part of the issue was a lack of transparency so complete that it blended into outright disinformation. For example, a group called Boston 2024 had submitted Boston's proposal to the USOC, but the proposal was not publicly released. The mayor of Boston, without a vote of the city council or a public debate, signed a "joinder agreement" that committed the city to accept all terms of the US Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee if the city was chosen.

As the details came out, they weren't pretty. As Zimbalist reports:

"One such term [of the joinder agreement] was that the city would provide a financial guarantee to cover any deficits in the event of a cost overrun or revenue shortfall. ... The 2012 Games in London alone had a nearly threefold overrun, with a final cost in excess of $18 billion. Given that background and the fact that the entire Boston city budget was only $2.7 billion, it was not a trivial matter that Walsh had signed this agreement."

Other elements of the plan turned out to include a gag rule: "The City, including its employees, officers, and representatives, shall not make, publish, or communicate to any Person, or communicate in any public forum, any comments or statements (written or oral) that reflect unfavorably upon, denigrate or disparage, or are detrimental to the reputation or stature of, the ICO, the IPC, the USOC, the IOC Bid, the Bid Committee, or the Olympic or Paralympic movement. ..."

Other requirements turned out to involve tax breaks, shutting down the Boston Common, and more[....]

And so on.

Suggestion: maybe we should let the Olympic Games be held by corrupt totalitarian dictatorships from now on. That's essentially what the Olympics organization is, anyway.

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