Thursday, November 2, 2017

K-dog says Paul Ryan likes autofellation

The Krugginator - Paul Ryan is choking on his own mystery meat. Bonus points to the Kruggatolah for that reference to sucking one's own dick, though it's not entirely apropos here:

Now, a cynic might have expected Republicans to go for full-on cynicism: “What, you took it seriously when we talked about fiscal responsibility? The joke’s on you! Ha ha ha!” And to a certain extent that is what they’ve done: after all the deficit-hawk posturing, they’re openly admitting that their intention is to increase the deficit by $1.5 trillion.

But they apparently didn’t feel free to cut completely loose: they did set a deficit target, and as I understand the mechanics of reconciliation, the budgets passed by the House and Senate, while they don’t actually set policy, kind of leave them stuck with an upper limit on just how much they can blow up the deficit.

And they have no idea how to get there. Try to cut one set of deductions, and the homebuilders get mad at you. Try to cut another, and upper-middle-class suburbanites in blue states who still vote GOP get mad. And so on.

The point is that these problems were always predictable, which is why the Ryan budgets were always obviously fraudulent. Ryan’s fakery may have fooled his naive constituents — by which I mean practically the whole Beltway pundit class — but never fooled anyone who could do the math.

So will the GOP pass something? Probably — but it’s more likely to be a miniature Christmas tree of handouts to the wealthy than the grand tax reform they’ve been promising.

And let’s hope that whatever happens gets reported as the failure it is. Ryan and company promised big stuff, but never had any way to deliver.

As a side note, I wonder what happened to all the Republicunts who spent eight years screaming about how badly Obama was doing? Because they're awfully silent now that their own clowns are fully and completely in charge.

I mean, they're not fully silent, sure, because they still scream about Killary and open borders and Sharia and terrorism... but they seem to have forgotten that their own party of clowns and thieves is now in charge, and could easily do something about all America's "problems" if they felt like it.

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