Tuesday, November 21, 2017

INTERSTELLAR SPACESHIP ARRIVES: here's what you need to know

I don't know why this isn't getting more play:

Guardian - interstellar spaceship arrives in our solar system. And yet they continue calling it an "asteroid" because the PTB don't want us mouth-breathing natives to get all worked up:

Astronomers are now certain that the mysterious object detected hurtling past our sun last month is indeed from another solar system. They have named it 1I/2017 U1(’Oumuamua)

'Oumuamua means "scout" in Hawaiian. Is there something they don't want us to know?

And if so, why are they telling us?

It is thought to be an extremely dark object, absorbing 96% of the light that falls on its surface, and it is red. This colour is the hallmark of organic (carbon-based) molecules. Organic molecules are the building blocks of the biological molecules that allow life to function.

Yeah, "red" like a warship, not like organic carbon molecules.

They are travelling too fast to be captured by the gravity of the sun.

Ask yourself: how likely is it that a dumb piece of rock can travel too fast to be captured by the Sun's gravitational well?

And if that's not enough, here's an "artist's representation" of this "asteroid":

Does THAT look like an "asteroid" to you? Yeah, right.

How likely is it that an "asteroid" is going to be so long and thin? Why hasn't it broken up along the long axis from torque or collisions, or compressed due to gravity? Was it just made a couple years ago?

In a spaceship factory by aliens?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is an interstellar spaceship. We have been found. Soon the aliens will attack.

Buy gold, cos blockchain won't mean dangly wobbly donkey dick when they take out all global communications and computers with their worldwide EMP attack.

Where the fuck is Jeff Berwick when you need him?

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  1. Its disturbing me too. It looks like the giant spliff Kirk had to battle.