Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Toosday Noos

So I'm back at university for possibly my final year, or maybe not.

I'm even trying for a TA position, which is funny if you've ever read this blog. But don't worry, I really honestly can do customer-facing with a smile on my face... when there's money involved.

Here's some news:

Jared Bernstein - yeah, as if Trump is really going to accomplish anything. Moderate Republicans will find enough Democrats to go along with a debt ceiling hike, but all other partisan right-wing policy is going to be dead on arrival. Factor that into your stock market strategy.

New Deal Demoncrat - motor vehicle sales vs real retail sales. I actually think there may be a distortion due to cash-for-clunkers. Then again, maybe the US economy really is about to roll over for no reason at all?

Lael Brainard - understanding the disconnect between inflation and unemployment. Well, at least they're understanding there is a disconnect. Now all they have to do is grow a pair of fucking balls and place the blame where it's deserved: on policy. After all, you wouldn't expect real price inflation in a slavery economy, or a serfdom economy, right?

IPE Zone - more on Texas and deporting Mexicans before rebuilding Houston. Face it, the US needs undocumented immigrants. The alternative is - shock! horror! - offering naturalized citizens a higher wage. I mean seriously:
There are plenty in and around Houston who might consider taking on the work, which can pay $20 an hour or more, if ID requirements were relaxed, construction industry officials say.
Are you fucking kidding me? You're bragging about paying $20/hr for construction work? That needs to be at least $30, probably more. But I guess it would pay very little if the people were competing with undocumented Mexicans.

BBC - Azerbaijan laundered billions thru the UK. Kinda funny that you'd choose the UK to launder money through, no? I mean, it's as if they're a corrupt third world hellhole or something....

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  1. $ 20 per hour is a lot in a country where the minimum wage is just $ 7.25 per hour.