Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Zerohedge isn't even funny anymore

I was checking Zerohedge today to look for a hyperbolic, world's-about-to-end reason for today's 0.2% plunge in the markets, and I realized that the lunatic libertarian-kleptocrat fringe isn't even funny anymore.

Here's two stories, and no I'm not giving you the real links because the point of this is for me to kill my own brain cells so you can protect yours:

Zerohedge - "I have a right to express my concerns": fired Google engineer will pursue legal action: Assange offers job.

This is funny in so many ways. #1, some dick writes a memo complaining about the "left bias" at his employer (whose employ he was free to leave at any time), adding that women are inferior, and then complains that his employer fired him for being a dick.

Even more funny, this whiny girl-boy then supposedly gets offered a job by a guy hiding in the Ecuadoran embassy who now works as a disinformation agent for Vladimir Putin.

Right-wingers are such gutless whiny fucking pussies. I mean, at least my daddy's right-wingers were... well, no, actually I just looked up Joe McCarthy and William F. Buckley, and both of them were also gutless whiny fucking pussies who never even did real wartime service because they were scared of being shot at for their country.

Zerohedge - agricultural work visas soar as farmers struggle with labour shortages amid immigration crackdown.

Is it a story about the stupidity of Republican racist immigration policy? Is it a story of how the American immigration system is set up to unfairly subsidize monopolistic agricultural producers by allowing them to hire cheap labour? Is it even a story about how American right-wing states are full of fat-assed whiny gutless Republican-voting sissies who can't handle picking fruit in the sun for 12 hours a day?

Meanwhile, the cost of that progressivism is an economy that has ~95 million people who have voluntarily taken themselves out of the labor force, many because they simply don't possess the right skills or are unwilling to take jobs that they've been convinced are 'demeaning.'
Yup, it's the ebils of progressivism! Those damn progressives are the reason that 95 million over-65s and under-16s don't do manual labour anymore!

And by the way, if you really cared about free-market economics, you'd understand that people have a reservation wage for labour. It's probably at least $10-$12/hr for manual farmwork, because if you offered them any less then they would turn you down in favour of a job at a less-physical, air-conditioned environment indoors - like a Piggly Wiggly.

And if farmers don't offer the market-clearing reservation wage, then the market doesn't clear and you get a "labour shortage". This is free-market, libertarian, undergraduate economics, people!

So obviously Zerohedge hates free-market capitalism, and would prefer a fascist socialist totalitarian government marching people into the fields at gunpoint.

As long as it's only black people being marched into the fields, I guess, right?

Fucking Zerohedge is such a fucking joke, they can't even get their politics right anymore.

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  1. Funny, I have ventured over to ZeroHedge every once and a while and the shit they are posting these days is mind boggling. Best is reading through the comments as I try to get a feel for the idiots (besides me) that go there and offer their intelligence spectrum.

    Always good for a laugh that site.