Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Various market newses


New Deal Demoncrat - weekly indicators. Nothing worth worrying about.

Tim Duy the Economics Guy - market fear is a nothingburger. Quit pissing your panties, SPY is down 2% from an all time high.

Tim Taylor - will the China shock operate in reverse? The suggestion is that demographics will, among other things, drive interest rates back up now that China is oldening. Personally, I have never met a senior citizen who hit age 65 with x savings and didn't continue accumulating savings in retirement. I would like to see the empirics before I believe this story that we're moving into a worldwide dissaving regime.

Oh, and also: Goodhart and Pradhan are assuming that the Chinese government won't modify policy to keep rates from rising, if they don't want rates rising. This is boneheaded: China knows its policy power trumps all bullshit economic theory.

IPE Zone - Canada's plan to keep NAFTA alive. If one side has put a full-court press in play at multiple levels to lobby for maintenance of NAFTA, and the other side is a bunch of idiot Republicunts run by a retard with a 6-year-old's mentality, then what do you really think the result will be? Oh, and:
Remember, the US president does not have sole discretion whether to withdraw from a trade deal like NAFTA. Instead, congress does.
So you can tune out all those idiots in the press with their 2 year college degrees in broadcasting, because not a fucking one of them seems to know how legislation works in the US.

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