Thursday, July 27, 2017

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Thus assuring nobody will click through and read the stories:

FT Alphaville - on juggernaut companies and profit margins.You can't have economic growth in a kleptocracy: if everyone's not sharing in the winnings, then you end up with a zero growth world.

Reuters - Ohio Democrats know what's wrong with their party. Turns out, Americans don't like elitist plutocrats, even when they're Democrat!:
Many of those interviewed said the party's national leaders have not learned the lessons of last year's defeat, when many voters rejected the party as too elitist and out of touch with working Americans.
No shit Sherlock:
Since Clinton’s defeat in November, Tom Perez, the head of the Democratic National Committee – the body which runs the national party – has conducted a nationwide “listening tour” to hear why so many traditionally Democratic voters defected to Trump last year.

Yet when he came to Ohio, some Democrats said, he didn’t do much listening – just a lot of talking.

In June, the listening tour came to Youngstown. About 75 party stalwarts paid $25 each to attend a “Pizza with Perez” event at a local pizzeria.

“What I saw was a typical campaign event, with the audience doing the listening while Democratic operatives touted their positions,” said John Russo, the former co-director of the Center for Working Class Studies at Youngstown University and a political analyst. “We paid $25 to be told by Perez what he thought we were thinking.”
Which is typical. And when asked if they're being elitist, what did state Democrats say?:
"While some may find it politically advantageous to engage in a circular firing squad, Leader Pelosi isn't in Congress on a shift. She's on a mission to protect the Affordable Care Act," said Hammill, referring to Obama's healthcare reform law which Trump wants to repeal.

Joyce Beatty, a congresswoman from central Ohio, also defended Pelosi. "To just blame Nancy Pelosi is not only wrong, but it's wrong for Democrats to do it.
So the Dems seem to have been taken over by an elitist vanguard who want to lead an army of lemmings, not respond to the interests of the masses. Just like most left-wingers you'll meet in the intellectual elite nowadays, actually. I mean, I'm hardcore left wing, and yet I really just want to punch a lot of these bratty Brampton pseudo-Gramscian bourgeois stormtrooper fucks of today.

If it's one thing elitists want, it's absolute unquestioning obedience from the mouth-breathing masses.And they don't get that the mouth-breathing masses can see this attitude from a mile away. Cos they never grew up among the mouth-breathing masses. So they don't even know how to behave around them.

BBC - interview with Lana Del Rey. Apparently she wrote the entire new album with Rick Nowels? If so, I should go give it another listen. He's one of the most underrated songwriters of our era - kind of like a cool teen angst Instagram-girls version of Max Martin. The only Lana Del Rey songs I ever liked were Nowels co-writes, and the only Lykke Li songs I ever liked were Nowels co-writes. And so on with a lot of stuff that's come out in the last few years. He's really good.

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