Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Feel-good Afghanistan story... wait, WHAT?

der Spargel - Afghanistan's young liberal elites challenge the Taliban.

There is a young educated liberal elite in Afghanistan, as there is in every country. (Actually, I worked with an Afghan engineer, who was educated in Moscow, and he was definitely the type of person you would wish there was a million more of in his old country.)

The problem in all of these countries is getting the young elite to quit fearing their idiotic elders and start building a new country for themselves:

The members of the new, educated elite pursue different goals than the old fighters. They are no longer willing to prolong the ethnic enmities of their fathers, which have shaped the country. These young people are no longer willing to listen to old men and militias who own weapons, but are unable to read or write.

Maybe that's what spurred western Europe into its own enlightenment hundreds of years ago - rejecting the stupidity and hatred of their elders.

And that is why the West is the greatest culture in the world, and why it's a good idea to encourage globalization and Westernization and denigrate traditionalism.

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