Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Some news

Well, one midterm left, and it's financial economics, which should be no problem.

Meanwhile, I've got my RSS transferred off of GReader, which doesn't seem to work on any of my devices at all anymore. So here's news!:

Calculated Risk - retail sales increased 0.4% in January. Because Trump!

NDD - real nonsupervisory wages have declined over the past year. BTW, I'm sure he and I agree that Trump is a moron who'll destroy America, but I think in his case it might be irrationally affecting his economic outlook.

Calculated Risk - LA port traffic surges in January. Because Trump, I guess. Oh well, better keep an eye on inventories....

NDD - consumer fundamentals nowcast. Again, I think the Trumpocalypse is colouring his analysis.

Bloomberg - Morgan Stanley sees a bright decade for China stocks. That's nice and all, but it begs the question: Are these the same analysts who said last year they expected global GDP to collapse by 5%?

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