Thursday, January 5, 2017

Vladimir Putin's official US information service at it again

And you still believe Zerohedge isn't funded by the Russkies?

Zerohedge - the US has begun amassing troops on Russian border.

Yeah, don't bother clicking through, they haven't. It's just more Russkie FUD propaganda.

Yet just a few short months ago the official Russian narrative, as evidenced by the trolls posting on social media, was that Hillary Clinton was going to lead the US into a third world war with Russia. What changed? Aren't we all safe now that they elected Trump?

By the way, why isn't everyone on the loony right wing stocking up on gold anymore? Didn't Trump's "economic advisor" Kudlow say he was in favour of moving the US back to the gold standard? I mean, gold would have to go to $50,000 US in order for that to work. Shouldn't you all be stockpiling gold right now?

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