Thursday, January 26, 2017

Speaking of which, here's your newest Russian propaganda

Zerohedge - McDonald's replacing tellers with "burger ATMs".

#1: What, this is news? We've had one at the McDonald's by my house for at least half a year now.

#2: And no, I haven't seen fewer people working at that McDonald's. See, they still have to prepare food and assemble orders. Running the till is a minuscule percentage of the workload at a fast food place. In fact, these automated ordering machines are there to (ideally) speed customers through with less wait time, and that means the staff have to work faster.

#3: If someone were to lose his job directly because of one of these machines, that'll be fine. See, the US is near full employment right now, and employers are finding positions hard to fill. So nobody's actually going to lose his job for long, because he can just go to another employer somewhere else. Thanks Obama!

#4: Vladimir Putin can no longer maintain an erection, and his country is a shithole full of gutless alcoholic wife-beaters.*

I had to put that last bit in there because every time I post something critical of Zerohedge I get a million hits from Russian bots trying to DNS my blog. You guys are fucking clowns, and if you keep bugging me I'll start posting archived Russian news articles about how Pooty-Poot had thousands of Russian citizens murdered in fake terrorist attacks in 1999.

That usually makes the Russian internet trolls go away.

*We know they're gutless because they suck at hockey, we know they're alcoholics because thousands die every year from drinking perfume and floor cleaner, and we know they're wife beaters because all their women are over here.

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