Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday video: Stars of the Lid live

There's a few editing flubs and the sound isn't perfect, but FFS it's Stars of the Lid live for a whole hour:

They're one of the few ultra-ambient acts that I respect:

It's awfully easy to fuck around with a delay pedal, or pitch-shift a sample down 3 octaves and loop it in Audition with tank reverb: it's a fuck of a lot harder to write something that's imperceptibly slow but has a melody.

So frankly, for melodic ambient, there's Stars of the Lid, Amp's "Perception", and Aidan Baker, and then there's a whole pile of garbage after that.

As far as the pitch-shifters go, you're never going to do any better than Ovum, Silent Watcher of Dark Matter, or Stephen Philips, so why not just quit with the kid stuff and go back to indie-rock.

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