Thursday, December 1, 2016

Daniela! and Rick Rule too

Lot of searches hitting my blog again for Daniela Cambone, so she must have been doing something....

OK, she's interviewed a bunch of weevils at some goldbug summit or other.

Here she is with Rick Rule:

And FFS Daniela, quit doing your hair with a center part. This right here is how your hair should look.

Bit of reading


Calculated Risk - ADP employment up in November. I guess that all the petit-bourgeois small business owners have no reason to hold back on hiring, now that The Trump is president, right? So expect a big gush of positive economic expectations news for the next few months.

Bespoke - yuuuuuge increase in consumer confidence. The 5 u's suggest that Bespoke reads my blog. Again, the news itself points to a massive surge of happiness now that the ebil sociamalist gay Muslim Barack HUSSEIN Taxbongo is no longer in charge.

Bonddad - the US is a service economy and has been for a long time. Only ideologues can deny empirical fact.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

You know who they are, really?

"You know who they are; they are the ones who denied and denied the ginned up bull market in US stocks that nearly tripled under the socialist regime, circa 2009-2016.  They are the ones who clung to gold well past the caution point last summer."

You mean like the blogger with a newsletter who made a 0% profit all through 2012 and 2013 while the US stock market was taking off, because he was still fixated on gold stocks, which were collapsing, and he thought that dooooom was just around the corner?

Some news

Isn't it amazeballs how one can completely forget about a dental appointment?

Here's some news:

NDD - weekly indicators. Everything's grand, except interest rates, which either was an overdone hasty spike by cokeheads who trade instantaneously based on long-run stories, or alternately was a sign that Republicans who've kept their money in savings all these years are about to take their money out of bonds and spend it. Either way, it doesn't arse me as much as it arses NDD.

Francisco Saraceno - some animals are more equal than others. A reminder that Germany has been in complete violation of the EU's Macroeconomic Imbalances Procedure, which shows that all they care about is beggaring the rest of Europe for their own benefit.

Mickey Fulp - the fallacy of belief (pdf). Mickey's actually a philosopher, believe it or not. Good piece, read.

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Palmer Report - before the official recount even begins, Wisconsin revises vote totals.

Ha ha! They checked their numbers and said "whoops! Yeah, it seems we reported 5,000 extra votes for Trump that never were cast. Meh, no bad."

NDD has a point

New Deal Demoncrat - will Republican voters start spending more?

GOP voter economic confidence spiked after the election, because Jesus and the wall and we no longer need to fear mooslims and Crooked Killary. Or something.

Yeah no seriously, all you have to do is go look on some shitty psycho goldbug blog to see how much Republicans thought the US economy sucked under the Negro. Now, instead of a Negro, they have Trump, and all sorts of other right-wing loons working with him.

Should be fantastic for economic confidence, no?

Same reason the stock market should soon spike to a 30 PE.

Before crashing, of course.