Thursday, November 3, 2016

What the heck to do with this market, eh?

Well, Google all of a sudden has taken away my ability to post charts again, because they can't code a blog platform worth shit.

So I'll just say that SPY has been -2SD for a couple days now, and is at RSI=31. $VIX has printed 8 consecutive white candles, and is RSI 74.

On the weekly chart, $VIX is already at +2SD, and the only times it gets higher than that are during periods of extensive panty-piddling.

But yet $TRAN looks fine and XLF looks fine.

So what to do? Go double long on Friday? Shorting $VIX might be a bit of a widowmaker, since the futures are now backwardated.

Anyway, there's a load of opportunity staring me in the face here. Maybe I'll just buy on Tuesday before the close.

Trump's not going to win unless the FBI can manufacture something new about Hillary, and they'll put that out this Friday afternoon if they do at all. But I doubt that'll happen.

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