Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Some news

Isn't it amazeballs how one can completely forget about a dental appointment?

Here's some news:

NDD - weekly indicators. Everything's grand, except interest rates, which either was an overdone hasty spike by cokeheads who trade instantaneously based on long-run stories, or alternately was a sign that Republicans who've kept their money in savings all these years are about to take their money out of bonds and spend it. Either way, it doesn't arse me as much as it arses NDD.

Francisco Saraceno - some animals are more equal than others. A reminder that Germany has been in complete violation of the EU's Macroeconomic Imbalances Procedure, which shows that all they care about is beggaring the rest of Europe for their own benefit.

Mickey Fulp - the fallacy of belief (pdf). Mickey's actually a philosopher, believe it or not. Good piece, read.

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