Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Since I haven't posted news in a while....

Now that The Great Discontinuity is past, we can start reading news again.

To wit:

Calculated Risk - hotel occupancy data still positive. So quit being a pussy, your favourite politician just got elected president.

Tim Duy - December still a go. So quit being a pussy, all you right-wing trolls have been demanding higher rates for years and now you'll get your chance.

Macro Man - thoughts and stuff. Trying to identify what the next market moving event will be... how about a Renzi referendum loss and Marine le Pen elected president of France? I guess those would be good for gold.

Reuters - Theresa May is a bit of a dumb bitch. Apparently she not only has no Brexit plan, her every idea originates from a desire to stay alive til teatime.

Fiscal Times - there is no skills gap. The problem is that companies are offering too low a salary to hire anyone but the drug addicted ex-meth whore down the street. I guess small-town 'Merica could respond by unionizing and demanding fair wages... but that's sociamalism, isn't it? Better to ban abortion and kick out the Mooslims, that'll make the bosses pay us more!

BBC - the charm of small-town America. Where the mayor enjoys calling Michelle Obama an "ape in heels". Because that's what makes America great again.

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