Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Shocking email server news! You absolutely have to read this!

The Guardian - shocking news about a secret email server run by a US presidential candidate!

My god! This person needs to be locked up immediately! This is the greatest criminal enterprise ever! It's far worse than Watergate!

Slate - a group of hackers set out to get to the bottom of the Russia story, found out far more than they thought possible. My god! This presidential candidate has been operating this criminal organization for years! This is the motherlode!

Quick summary below the break:

Not going to quote any more. Go read the links provided above, if you don't already have Trump's head so far up your ass that your breath smells like orangutan hair.

Cuz you do care about the truth, right?

And you do care about supposed criminal enterprises operated via an email server, right?

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