Thursday, November 17, 2016


And now 'Murrica begins to find out the trick that was played on them:

Mother Jones - NSA chief says Russia hacked the election. Oh, but you don't believe this article because they're lefties, right?

Inquisitr - exit polls show massive discrepancy between exit polls and election results. Like, over 5% in a few swing states. Almost as if the voting results were changed.

IBTimes - FBI probing Russian hacks. You think they stopped at hacking phones?

Fox News Twitter - Director of National Intelligence certain Russia hacked the election. Even Fox News is following this story FFS.

London Economic - Trump was right, the election was rigged. Greg Palast is all over this. - petition the DoJ to obtain an injunction against the Electoral College. Yeah, you could sign a petition. Or you could do what the founding fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment for, and start defending your country from foreign invasion and enslavement.

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