Friday, November 11, 2016


What's our most important question about the Trump presidency?

What are we all wondering about?

Of course, the big question is "what does Jeff Berwick think about this?"

Fantastic insights from Jeff Berwick!

Trump is a Freemason and a Jesuit, both connected to the global elite, and he's good friends with Kissinger!

Well, at least you have to admit Berwick isn't a paid stooge of the Russkies, the way Zerohedge and Alex Jones are. There's no way Putin's FSB could ever get behind this sort of content.

Hopefully now, with Obama gone and the fundamentalist Christians supporting Trump and the Republicans, Jeff can dump all this apocalyptic prophecy shit and go back to being an anarchist.


  1. You probably won't post this....but

    What about the fact that Trump won via the electoral college by the votes of those who previously voted Obama for two terms.

    The white trash vote isn't enough anymore. If it was popular vote the liberals in California and new York would for all intents and purposes determine who takes office.

    I appreciate your market commentary (and that post about satanists Sodomozing horses was great) but do you believe hillary was truly the better candidate?

    People voted trump because their middle class lives were shit...not because they are racist.

    1. No, hey, I'm totally okay with comments that aren't Trumphead bullshit, and yours isn't.

      Hillary sure is a part of the same Wall Street neoliberal system that's been putting the boots to the working class for the past thirty years, strangling the small towns to hand more free money to the globalist kleptocratic elite. So sure, in itself she had little reason to expect that dude in Elkhart or Youngstown to vote for her.

      But the choice, unfortunately, was not between her and someone happily unthreatening, like GW or Romney. It was between her and a guy who's already promised to overturn Roe v. Wade, who's under multiple investigations, whose running mate is virulently anti-gay, and whose party is going to stack the SCOTUS with 2-3 originalist dominionist nutcases. Oh and whose party is also in the service of the kleptocratic globalist elite, as you can see by the stock market's happy reaction to Trump's election.

      So yeah, I can appreciate the sentiment of voting for tossing a live hand grenade into Congress just to see what the splatter pattern looks like. And if that dude in Elkhart or Youngstown isn't gay, needing an abortion, nonwhite, Muslim, dependent on government, or interested in the economy ever getting better, then really he doesn't hurt himself by voting Trump.

      As for the electoral college, I've been reading a progressive board where all they do is whine about Hillary winning the popular vote: but I'm actually in favour of the EC the way it is, since otherwise you'll get even more rural resentment at NY, CA and the northeast getting to choose the president all on their own. EC seems a great balancing force: it requires parties to give a shit about Wisconsin and North Carolina FFS, and that's a good thing. And it's not as if Hillary only discovered the existence of the electoral college a week ago, right? She knew the game and she fucking failed dismally.

      As for investing, I'm actually of the impression that Trump might blow a nice bubble in the markets... it'll end in tears, but for a couple years we might get to a 30-40X PE just on the tax breaks, savings glut, and wave of angry anti-Obama hedge fund cokeheads finally putting money into the market.