Thursday, October 13, 2016

Trump's chances vanish like... like...

Trump's chance of victory is vanishing like a clump of orange orangutan hair down the toilet drain.

270towin - chance of Trump victory drops to 3.7%.

Why? Maybe because of these polls from the last 24 hours:

Bloomberg - Clinton 9% ahead in new PA poll.

Bloomberg - Clinton 7% ahead in WI.

Detroit News - Clinton 11% ahead in MI.

I guess the problem with pissing off blacks, Mexicans, and women is that they're all allowed to vote in the US, huh? Uneducated, unemployed angry 50-something white men just aren't numerous enough to hand you the White House all on their own, so it seems.

Well, when Hillary wins the entire rust belt, we can put to sleep this fucking pig-ignorant idea that the new Trump Republicans are the party of the working people.

BTW, what people aren't talking about is Clinton pulling even in North Carolina. This is important because Virginia surprised the world by swinging to Obama a few years ago, and everyone predicted NC would be next because it's so demographically similar.

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