Thursday, October 13, 2016

Trump: the gift that keeps on raping

People - People magazine reporter writes about the time she was sexually assaulted by Trump.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign is threatening to bring up more stuff about Bill Clinton, in the hopes that this drives women voters away from Hillary.

This shows they don't have any actual women on the campaign team (except Kellyanne Conway, who's gone so Stockholm Syndrome that I doubt you can call her human anymore).

See, women will generally feel sympathy for a wife whose husband screwed around on her. Older women especially will feel sympathy for a wife who stuck by her husband even after she found out he's a sleazebag.

Women, however, especially young women, tend to run away from a pervy 70-year-old who's left a trail of unreported sexual assaults all across the country. They run even faster when they hear him brag about how he can get away with it. They certainly don't hand him the most powerful position in the country.

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