Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2 from Bill McBride

Calculated Risk - chemical activity barometer foreshadows industrial expansion. Quote:

Currently CAB has increased solidly over the last several months, and this suggests an increase in Industrial Production over the next year.

So quit piddlin' your panties and buy the SPY already.


Calculated Risk II, the Riskening - real estate prices and price to rent ratio in real terms. Wherein there is this chart:

Which means that

In real terms, and as a price-to-rent ratio, prices are back to late 2003 - and the price-to-rent ratio maybe moving a little more sideways now.

But then again, why would you believe some guy who was never banned from Wall Street from insider trading, whose father wasn't a Bulgarian spy during the Cold War, who doesn't post Russian propaganda and disinformation straight from RT ten times a day?

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