Monday, September 12, 2016

UK Cons replacing the EU with an exact replica

BBC - work permits among Brexit options, home minister says. Aside from the snark in this blog post's title, let's see exactly where you realize what's just been revealed here:

Work permits are among the post-Brexit migration curbs being considered but any changes must be good for the UK economy, the home secretary has said.

Amber Rudd told the BBC the work permit proposal "certainly has value" but nothing was being ruled out.

She accepted EU nations could choose to impose new restrictions, including requiring Britons to apply for permission before travelling.

Ms Rudd said it was a "given" people voted Leave to reduce immigration.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show, she reiterated the prime minister's dismissal of a points-based system to control EU migration championed by Brexit campaigners in the build-up to the referendum, saying it "simply doesn't work".

Actually, it works fine in Canada, and if she's not wholly incompetent then she knows that: then again, our points system means that we can't lock people out of the country explicitly based on race.

But let's see if you get it with this next bit:

She said her department was considering the alternative of requiring EU migrants to have work permits.

"Whether we look at a work permit system or another system is something that my department is looking at closely at the moment," she said.

Advancing a "work permit" system means a realization that the reason the Polaks and Romanians are in the UK is because employers want them.

And that's something that the idiots on the Leave side never fully comprehended. And the employers certainly are not going to let the government take away their foreign low-paid work force.

A permit system just means the government will be able to say "yes we know you hate Polaks, but every one of them is here because an employer hired them. So don't blame us."

Now the Tories just have to figure out how to replace every other aspect of EU governance with an exact replica that lets the government off the hook while letting them say "no, we're not part of the EU anymore".

Pretty smart.

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