Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump/Clinton debate results

No, I didn't watch the debate. I had better things to do.

I'm reading thru various news sites looking for a handle on who the press has declared the winner, and I'm trying to avoid the sites that I know will be pro-Clinton.

But more than someone being declared the winner, what's important is who provided the lamestream media with new talking points and soundbites.


Because a debate only happens once, but a good soundbite can keep giving for weeks.

And I think Clinton won in the soundbite department. All Trump did was re-hash old Republicunt talking points; Hillary, however, scored some new ones that (you'd think) should tilt reality-TV newsmedia in her favour.

On the subject of his tax returns: "There's something he's hiding."

On women: "This is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs."

On Obama's birth certificate: "racist lie".

On Trump's mental instability: "A man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes."

And Trump helped her too. On his not paying any taxes, he said "That makes me smart." That will certainly fly well with the Republican mass, who hate paying taxes; but maybe it loses him some votes with moderates.

Then again, the US might have reached the point of Greece, where the biggest tax-cheat is the most respected. The anti-tax narrative has had a long time to run.

Anyway, the big thing to watch over the next few weeks will not be the post-debate polls: after all, Trump still has two more chances to expose his genitals in public. The big thing to watch is going to be whether Hillary's soundbites get traction.

She's already won the Democrats' votes, and she doesn't have to bother trying to win the Republicans' votes: she just has to convince everyone with the possibility of sentient thought that they need to vote for her and quit with the "I like Trump because he's sticking it to Washington" nonsense.

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