Friday, September 9, 2016

The only ipHone review you ever need to read

Polemic's Pains - the only iphOne review you'll ever need to read. This guy is just hilaire:

Stereo speakers - Unless they produce 150db each, can be spaced 10ft apart and have 12+ inch bass units I don’t care.

The new camera has optical image stabilisation - Useful for the caffeine or 'morning after' DTs.

 6 element lens with f/1.8 aperture. 60% faster than previous iPhones. The iPhone 7 has a single lens camera; the 7 Plus has a dual lens camera (wide angle and telephoto)Useful, I guess, for wedding photographers.

iPhone 7 Plus: New 'portrait' effect on the camera to add depth of field to photo
- No Interest, not a selfie fan.

Water and dust resistant -
Excellent - caught up with Samsung.

Longer battery life - Good, but still would prefer replaceable and will still probably die after 2 years.

Comes in jet black, black, gold, silver, rose gold - I'm not a 14yr old girl.

Headphones will connect via the lightning port. A free set comes with the phone, plus an adaptor for traditional 3.5mm jack headphones
 - Backwards step. Buggered if you lose your adapter or headphones. Can’t borrow others. Go long Chinese copy adapter makers.

And AirPods - wireless headphones (with a microphone) that have infrared sensors that detect when they're in your ear and only play then. W1 chip connects the AirPods to your other Apple devices. The batteries last for 5 hours and the Airpods come with a charging case that holds 24 hours of charge -
We tried this with Bluetooth headsets. No one can be bothered with devices that need separate charging and if you do use them you'll look like a dodgy limo driver. Drawer fodder, or more likely lost on first outing. San Francisco drains will be full of them. A wire stops you losing them.

A10 Fusion chip with a 64-bit four core CPU -
Should I be excited? Or even know what that means?

Storage: 32GB, 128GB, 256GB  - A 256GB Micro SD card is about £140, how much is your upgrade?

Cost: $649, $769 -
or £649 £769 in UK money. A lot for a better camera you can drop in your beer.

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