Sunday, September 4, 2016

Some weekend reading

Calculated Risk - prime working-age population growing again. Frankly, between this and wage growth above inflation, I don't see why we can't have a good ten years of growth from here. After all, the rentiers are being euthanized, and the consumers have access to free money.  That is what grows an economy.

Desperately Seeking Economics - Chris Dillow on incompetence. My new favourite blog:
I have an incentive to become a Premier League footballer or Nobel laureate, but you’d be ill-advised to bet on me becoming either.
That in one sentence sums up the major fallacy of microeconomic models: just because there's an incentive doesn't mean anyone is able to respond, or respond beyond a certain level.

Eschaton Blog - Long Island University locks out their facu- wait, what? This is just hilarious:

I've never heard of a lockout of university faculty before, especially one announced the week before classes start.

The reason this is so unusual, which is a nice way of saying "so goddamn crazy," is that most institutions of higher education are aware that it is impossible to function as an institution of higher education if you don't actually have a faculty.

LIU administration is telling all of their students that their tuition money entitles them to be taught by hastily hired replacements.

Thus, on the one hand, any LIU student who demands an immediate tuition refund is absolutely correct. On the other hand, the can of worms LIU has just opened up as regards federal regulations regarding financial aid is a very big can full of very big worms. On the third hand, LIU has essentially told its regional accrediting body, Middle States, to piss up a rope.

If the LIU administration had decided instead to simply set fire to its Brooklyn campus, that would have been a more comprehensible course of action.

Then again, maybe it's about time the bourgeois silver-spoon brats of LIU faculty learn what it's like to be working class with the jackboot of power bearing down on your neck all your life. Working people don't get to live off of fucking Social Sciences grants.

WaPo - surprise, the North Carolina voter registration law was exactly what it looked like. Yes, the libby-libs were right all along, it really was intended to reduce the number of blacks who vote in elections, and here's the emails to prove it:

The emails to the North Carolina election board seemed routine at the time.

“Is there any way to get a breakdown of the 2008 voter turnout, by race (white and black) and type of vote (early and Election Day)?” a staffer for the state’s Republican-controlled legislature asked in January 2012.

“Is there no category for ‘Hispanic’ voter?” a GOP lawmaker asked in March 2013 after requesting a range of data, including how many voters cast ballots outside their precinct.

And in April 2013, a top aide to the Republican House speaker asked for “a breakdown, by race, of those registered voters in your database that do not have a driver’s license number.”

Months later, the North Carolina legislature passed a law that cut a week of early voting, eliminated out-of-precinct voting and required voters to show specific types of photo ID — restrictions that election board data demonstrated would disproportionately affect African Americans and other minorities.

Critics dubbed it the “monster” law — a sprawling measure that stitched together various voting restrictions being tested in other states. As civil rights groups have sued to block the North Carolina law and others like it around the country, several thousand pages of documents have been produced under court order, revealing the details of how Republicans crafted these measures.

A review of these documents shows that North Carolina GOP leaders launched a meticulous and coordinated effort to deter black voters, who overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. The law, created and passed entirely by white legislators, evoked the state’s ugly history of blocking African Americans from voting — practices that had taken a civil rights movement and extensive federal intervention to stop.

Yup, they really do craft laws specifically to block black people from voting, they do it intentionally, and they do it because they don't like the idea of black people voting, because black people aren't citizens, because black people aren't human beings. This is the thought pattern of white Americans, and it's about time someone fucking said it, and frankly it'd be a step in the right direction if the Panthers came back and started gunning down these Nazi fuckers in the streets.

BBC - Franz Beckenbauer is being investigated for corruption. Oh, but it's only the swarthy Mediterraneans who are corrupt, not the noble and pure German race!

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