Sunday, September 18, 2016

Some weekend news

Four bloody assignments in one week! Thankfully calculus is already half-done, I did stats at school on Thursday, I've got international trade done this morning, and so my only worry is a massive modelling assignment.

Speaking of which, I like that nowadays you can get help with your math homework online. There's many videos on YouTube covering first- and second-year topics; there's and; and you can use Maple to check if you have the right answer.

This makes life one hell of a lot easier than it was in the old days!

Anyway, here's some news:

Calculated Risk - Fed flow of funds Q2. Household net worth is still increasing. So let me ask you: if the stock market is a "bubble", then what about household net worth? HNW is just assets, after all, so if there's a stock market bubble then there must also be a generalized asset bubble. I mean, if logic exists in the universe you inhabit.

New Deal Demoncrat - weekly indicators. There is no real downturn, and long indicators are snazzy.

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