Friday, September 9, 2016

Keep on Trumping!

BBC - Trump tells Russian propaganda cable station that he doubts Russia is hacking democrat computers. Also, he thinks Vladimir Putin is way sexxay:

Donald Trump, back when he was just a larger-then-life real-estate developer and New York socialite, was a regular on King's programme. It's not entirely surprising then that the Republican nominee accepted an interview request from his long-time friend.

That, however, is when Mr Trump's staff should have done a bit of research, found out the interview would be broadcast on RT and told their candidate to come up with a scheduling conflict and politely pull out. Given the heat Mr Trump has taken recently for showering praise on Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian-owned RT is the last outlet he should be on.

This is either another example of the Trump team's questionable advance work or - perhaps more troubling - its judgement. No matter the explanation, the story re-enforces the politically damaging perception that Mr Trump is uncomfortably chummy with the Russian government.

His team is really so stupid that they let their candidate go on a Russian propaganda network.

Then again, when you remember how stupid and ignorant Bush Jr.'s team was, this isn't really that much of a change for the Republican party.

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