Thursday, August 11, 2016

Some newsbits

Did my calc exam last week, but I still don't know how I did. I probably got at least an A- in the course, but there might be some bell-curving, so I have no idea.

But now I need to spend the rest of August reviewing intro algebra (which I last took almost 30 years ago), and getting a head start on stats, calc II, and "math for economists". Plus I need to go to the dentist for yet another broken tooth, and do half a dozen other things around the house. So I'm still busy, I just feel lazy.

I think I'm also going to start a second blog, just for economics. I have one at university, but it's on the private system so I'm sure nobody reads it (except for maybe a couple profs); I'd like to have one set up so that I can include its url on my grad school applications.

In the meantime, here's some news:

New Deal Demoncrat - weekly indicators. Again, everything's fine. Panties: quit piddling them. And as an aside, I was watching Nightly Business Report last night, and they had some guy on who was a rare voice of reason. You're well served to ditch all the bullshit internet & TV business news, and just stick with NBR.

Reuters - global negative-yielding debt slips to $11.4T. And, importantly, that's about how much money Gabriel Zucman estimates is being held in tax havens by the kleptocratic elite and multinational corporations. Whence I developed my thesis that "secular stagnation" is really just what you get when the kleptocrats have won.

Guardian - Sir Humphrey Appleby explains Brexit. For the "Yes Minister" fans out there, written by the creators of the series, which btw should be required material for anyone studying political science.

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