Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Quit worrying, Trump almost certainly can't win

NY Times - electoral map gives Trump few places to go. Basically, if you've looked at the data they have at 270towin.com, Trump has to win a trifecta of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida to have even a chance of winning the presidency.

In fact, Hillary's even looking good in Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia - I guess that's what happens when your organization has been working for years to earn black support, unlike that white-ass honky cracker Sanders.

So to me, a solid Trump win would also require taking Michigan from Hillary, to counter possible Clinton wins in VA, IA, NC, AZ or GA.

I guess this is where political experience comes in.

I mean, at this time in the campaign, Trump should probably be trying to act a little more like a politician and a little less like some fruitcake internet wacko.

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