Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Marshall Auerback, please stop trying to be a useful idiot

I hate posting any link to Putin propaganda, but here's Marshall Auerback on Russian anti-west propaganda network Russia Today, back in January:

He doesn't actually come out and do a Faber and predict dooooom or anything.

But still, he appears on Putinist propaganda and FUD station Russia Today in January after a market crash. And while he doesn't call for dooooom, he does repeat the same old boring talking points that every other RT guest repeats, and his chat suggests that it's all downhill from here... in January 2016.

Hey Marshall: is China really that bad off? If so, why are China large-caps up 25% since you appeared on RT?

And why has the S&P gone up 300 points since you appeared on RT?

Do you see that all you accomplished is the spread of FUD during a market correction on behalf of a mass-murdering kleptocratic dictator?

How am I supposed to take the Fields Institute seriously when it comes off as nothing more than a bunch of useful idiots?

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