Wednesday, August 10, 2016

In case you want the addresses of those "air duct cleaning services" people....

If you live in southern Ontario, you've been constantly harassed for years by weekly Pakistani telemarketing calls from "air duct cleaning services". They don't stop calling, and they get rude and insulting if you tell them to fuck off.

Well, the CRTC fined them a hilariously small pittance last year:

CBC - duct cleaning companies pay $55,000 for violating do not call list.

The Pakistani call centre is in operation again, and it's even expanded into credit card fraud. But at least now the company owners' names and addresses are available for all to see on the CRTC website.

So perhaps the karmic thing to do, if you've had to put up with their calls in the past, is perhaps to go visit the people listed below and thank them for the many thousands of idiotic phone calls from Pakis named "John" who called you twice a week from "your city!", definitely not Islamabad, and by the way welcome to Canada, let me explain how to behave like a civilized human being:

Ziad Rawdah dba Kareem Duct Cleaning
5 Belton Court
Whitby, Ontario
L1N 5P2

Afzal Hamid Raza dba HR Home Services
2012-71 Thorncliffe Park Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M4H 1L3

Zahid Mehmood dba Bridge Home Services
6 Emily Anna Street
Woodbridge, Ontario
L4H 2S5

Syed Ahmer Ali dba Cambridge Heating Services
695 Markham Road, Suite 32
Toronto, Ontario
M1H 2A5

Naveed Raza dba Top Line Air Duct Cleaning Inc.
24 Pelmar Pl.
Scarborough, Ontario
M1G 1G5

Ali Tariq dba Toronto Breeze Air Duct Cleaning Services
3 Grogan Street
Ajax, Ontario
L1Z 0P6

Younas Nadeem dba N Bro Transport Inc. and Goodlife Home Services
1838 Bridlington Crescent
Mississauga, Ontario
L5N 7L1

And by the way, since these are all Pakistanis, and they were using the same Pakistani call centre that is now calling people in an attempt to commit credit card fraud, what do you think the chances are that these people are involved in that scam too? Or that at least they're in possession of material information that would aid the authorities in investigating this credit card fraud scam, and should therefore be arrested and questioned?

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