Thursday, August 25, 2016

Greg Mankiw wants you to know he still likes taking Republican dick up his ass, just not Trump's

Greg Mankiw - why I won't vote Trump. Quote:

This morning, John Harwood of CNBC and the New York Times asked for my view of Donald Trump, which John then summarized on his Twitter feed. Here is the full answer I gave him:

He will not be getting my vote.

Because his economic policies are nonsensical? Because the last time one of these people took over a modern country, it ended with him blowing his own brains out in a bunker under the burning ruins of his capital city?

No. Simply because Mankiw is still the bitch of the Republican kleptocrat establishment:

I have Republican friends who think that things couldn't be worse than doubling down on Obama policies under Hillary Clinton.

Which Obama policies? The ones in favour of economic growth, the ones in favour of universal health care, or the ones in favour of social justice? Doubling down on any of those policies is bad, according to you?

And which Republican friends? The ones like Mitt Romney, who said 47% of Americans were his enemy? The Mitt Romney who hides hundreds of millions of dollars in offshore tax havens, who Greg Mankiw was the economic adviser to? The Mitt Romney who was too much of a chickenshit pussy to compete for his party's ticket this year?

And, like them, I am no fan of the left's agenda of large government and high taxes.

Really, Greg? Are you more in favour of an agenda of cutting all government services to destroy the economy, and eliminating taxes on the rich so that they can stripmine the country for dirt and hide all their money in offshore tax havens?

Would you mind explaining how an economist can find these policies sensible in any way?

Or are you sensible enough to not believe this, but you're only saying them because you want to stay in the Republican party mandarins' good books for when they pick a hopefully more sensible candidate in 2020? Or are you just trying to ensure that your textbooks, the first 80 pages of which are useless Republican propaganda, remain in use at all Republican-state universities?

Basically, are you saying you're in favour of eliminating government and handing tax cuts to the rich because you're an incompetent idiot, or just because you're a cheap five-dollar whore of the kleptocratic elite?

And then there are issues of temperament. I am not a psychologist, so I cannot figure out what Mr. Trump's personal demons are. But he does not show the admirable disposition that I saw in previous presidents and presidential candidates I have had the honor to work for.

Really? Admirable disposition of previous candidates you have had the honor to work for? You mean like this guy?:

That's an "admirable disposition"?

Or, again, are you just trying to let the kleptocrats in the Republican party know that your tight ass is still up for sale?

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