Wednesday, August 10, 2016

BREAKING DERP: Eleven's not enough for Trump anymore

Well, I guess we can assume that for Trump, it's not enough to turn the derp up to eleven.

Guardian - Trump hints at assassination of Clinton by gun nuts. Wait... what?!?:
Donald Trump has been accused of a making an “assassination threat” against rival Hillary Clinton, plunging his presidential campaign into a fresh crisis.

The volatile Republican nominee was speaking at a rally in Wilmington, North Carolina, about the next president’s power to appoint supreme court justices.
Aw geez...

Rolling Stone - Trump's assassination dogwhistle was scarier than you think. Aw come on:
Let that soak in for a second. One of the two major-party nominees for president just called for "Second Amendment people" to "do" something about his political opponent's judges. According to the Trump campaign's rapid response team, he was talking about those "Second Amendment people" coming together politically – "unification," as they called it. The Clinton campaign, and pretty much the entire Internet, saw it differently: as a clear suggestion of violence against a political opponent.

It's hard not to side with the Clinton campaign here. What Trump said was that a particular group – those who are defined by rallying around guns – should do something about Clinton and her judicial nominees. What can people who rally around guns do that's different than others? Use those guns.
And don't think the Secret Service isn't paying attention:

Independent - yup, now the Secret Service is paying attention. This ain't reality TV anymore, Donald:
In an unprecedented move, the United States Secret Service has responded to the presidential hopeful’s words.

Through its official Twitter account, the service tweeted: “The Secret Service is aware of the comments made earlier this afternoon.”
I'm sure Trump won't lose support from the unbathed extremist goldbug cranks who love shooting their mouths off about that cool shed in the forest that they've been living in ever since they got wiped out in junior gold miners. But they're a tiny and insignificant minority.

The core constituency of Republicans is little old ladies. And little old ladies won't vote for some clown who openly advocates assassinating his political opponent. Hell, even the majority of NRA supporters won't vote for him now: most gun owners won't openly associate with someone who advocates assassinating politicians, because they have the slightest bit of fucking common sense.

And the funny thing is, like I said before, the only difference between Trump and every other Republican candidate is that Trump doesn't bother covering up the fact he's a moron with poor impulse control.

This ain't just about the presidency anymore: I eagerly await Clinton's sweep of the House and Senate this November.

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