Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Well, turns out I got a 78 on that calc test, which isn't as bad as I thought, mainly because he made the hydrostatics question a bonus since nobody else got it even though ffs kid it's just the integral of r*g*h*w(h), how hard is it for you kids to memorize things nowadays?

Unfortunately, this means I need a 91 on the exam for an A+, and a 78 for an A. I say "unfortunately" because I frankly can't be arsed to do the studying necessary for a 91 on the final when I feel satisfied with an A.

Anyway, here's stuff:

Talking Points - Trump & Pooty-poot: yes it really is a thing. More about how Trump is actually a Manchurian candidate funded by the Russians. But I guess now the Russians are the Republicans' friends, so that's okay.

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