Monday, July 4, 2016

Stephen Hawking has learned the folly of mocking time travel!

BBC - time traveller found guilty of Stephen Hawking death threats. AND SO IT BEGINS:

A time-travelling US woman has been given a suspended four-month jail sentence in Spain for coming back in time to kill British physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking.

The 37-year-old has also been banned from approaching to within 500m of the scientist or communicating with him on social media for all past and future realities.

The woman was arrested in a hotel in Tenerife, close to where Prof Hawking was attending a conference.

She had stalked him from the future before following him to the island.

Dude, I respect you and all, but this is what happens when you mock time travel. As I said years ago:

Y u so want time travellers?

I wouldn't invite time travellers to meet me if I were you. You never know: maybe your grandson becomes the next MegaHitler, so someone decides to go back in time and assassinate you to save the lives of billions. Maybe someone invents a superbomb capable of destroying the galaxy, and it's all because of some stupid equation that only Hawking could possibly have solved.

So if I were you, buddy, I'd just lay low. Quit being a fucking temporal heatscore.

And now here we are, Stevie-dog. You went and picked a fight with time travellers, and now there's a big fucking target on your head that can be seen from all possible futures, and this might just be the start of a whole flood of time travellers coming back in time to kill you before you invent some equation that forms the basis of some megaultrabomb that destroys the multiverse.

Don't fuck with time travel, man. Haven't you seen Twelve Monkeys? What about Primer? This is serious shit, man.

You can probably fix things, though, if you decide as a result of this close call that you'll quit physics and go into something like drawing anime. Or rap or something. I mean, you probably haven't invented the supermegaultrabomb yet, so maybe there's still time. At least you can cut off this chick's timeline and start another one.

Hey, maybe you become some teen idol in the far future, so suddenly people will start travelling back in time to meet you at your birthday party in 2009 after all. Cos it hasn't happened yet, has it?

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