Tuesday, July 5, 2016

And so the Bregret and Brextracking begins

Bregret (n): the recognition that one shouldn't have voted for Brexit after all.

Brextracking (n): the attempt to walk back plans to leave the European Union.

Lotta Bregret and Brextracking going on right now. For example, this entire pack of idiots:

BBC - Rights of EU citizens living in UK sparks row. And btw I'm impressed that the BBC has decided to innovate re consonance of number between verb and noun:

MPs have criticised the government for not guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens to remain in the UK after the country leaves the European Union.

Um... what exactly did they think "leaving the European Union" entails?

But MPs from all parties have attacked the government's stance, saying people "are not bargaining chips".

By "people", you mean "nice British people" and not, say, Bulgarian immigrant workers, right?

In a BBC interview, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond - who is backing Mrs May to be the next leader and prime minister - said he thought it "most unlikely" that EU nationals already living in the UK would be told they could not stay, and called for informal talks before the UK officially triggers its departure from the EU.

And thus the Brextracking begins: people have suddenly fucking realized what "leaving the European Union" means. It means George & Eunice the jolly West Country farmers are going to see their Slovakian immigrant workers deported, and now they're going to have to hire some toothless 14-year-old asbo from town to drive their combine harvester for them.

It means Crispin the suburban twat isn't going to be allowed to finish his Ph.D. in Barcelona without a student visa.

Gee, that wasn't what you voted for, was it?

Well, what the fuck did you think you were voting for, you idiots?

But he said to fully guarantee EU citizens' rights to remain in the UK, without commitments from other countries towards Britons abroad, now risked "selling our people out too cheap".

Uh... wait a sec. Wasn't this a vote to kick out all the immigrants? You wanted to get rid of the immigrants. I explicitly remember you wanting to get rid of all your immigrants.

My A+ in introductory statistics leads me to believe there is more than a 90% chance that at least 1.9% of Leave voters understood that "Brexit" meant, among other things, getting rid of the foreigners.

And now you want to "fully guarantee EU citizens' rights to remain in the UK"? Wait, does that include the Polish? I mean, they're EU citizens, right? Or are you going to pick and choose which Europeans are allowed into England after you leave the EU?

Would you mind please telling the voters this so that they can vote in a more informed manner?

Anne Main, Tory MP and Brexit backer, said: "Nobody on the official Leave campaign raised the prospect of sending people away and deporting people."

What in the chocolate-covered fuck with chocolate sprinkles on top did you think you were campaigning for, you fucking clown? What did you think the phrase "leave the European Union" meant?

During your own work for the Leave campaign, did you explicitly tell your voters that no EU nationals were going to be made to leave? Including the Polish and the Romanians? And did you explain to them how the government would successfully achieve this target?

I mean, I would certainly expect that a Tory MP with an English degree and a teacher's certificate such as Anne Main would have bothered to fucking well educate herself about the likely consequences of English secession from the EU. And that she would have then endeavoured to inform her audience about what would most definitely happen.

Labour's shadow home secretary Andy Burnham said her "threatening" comments about the uncertain status of EU nationals following the vote to leave undermined family life in the UK, including his own.

Mr Burnham, who has three children with his Dutch wife, said: "Any uncertainty hanging over their right to be here is tantamount to undermining family life in our country and that does not strike me as a very prime ministerial thing to do."

What the hell do you think the Prime Minister is supposed to do about it, Andy? The people voted to break the Schengen treaty. Are you saying the next PM should ignore the will of the voters and disregard this referendum?

Or are you simply saying that nice Dutch and Germans and Austrians should still be allowed into England, and you only want to kick out the Untermenschen?

And thus, Brextracking begins.

And all you clowns in the stock market thought England had actually voted to leave the EU.

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