Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Testing image uploading, and a systemd rant

So can I upload an image from my HD via Firefox in Ubuntu?

Only if I "temporarily allow all this page" in NoScript.

It seems Google doesn't want bloggers to be able to fucking well post shit at all unless they accept a shit-ton of fucking scripts. Maybe now I'll test to see which script it is.

And btw, systemd is indeed a fucking shitheap. I couldn't get either the newest Fedora or the newest Ubuntu to work. They'd halt completely on what looked like an ether nic failure. I guess it's something to do with systemd scrapping eth0 for some fancy new name, or something. Apparently the whole world is in an uproar over systemd kludginess - someone's even (perhaps jokingly) raising bitcoins to pay for a hitman to kill the project heads responsible.

So I had to install an older Ubuntu that can actually call my ether nic and give me internet. It really does seem that the problem is with systemd, and not an Inspiron problem or a hardware problem.

Fucking Linux assholes. The developers are definitely only autistic, not OCD: if they were OCD they would have got systemd fucking well working before letting people use it. I lost a whole fucking 2 days fucking with shit just to get a functional linux install because of this systemd chickenshit.

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