Saturday, June 25, 2016

Some Saturday news

So the market had its spaz attack on Friday, and so did several analysts.

Apparently, you can be a professor at George Mason and not fucking understand that whatever happened in the UK, central banks will automatically respond with policy meant to soften the blow.

So the blather will continue til it fades off into the distance and all anyone cares about is whether the US economy is still growing.

To that end, here's news:

Bonddad - Thursday datafest. Really, truck tonnage and chemical activity are still increasing? That must mean the US is still growing, eh?

Calculated Risk - weekly initial claims decrease. Really? That must mean the US is still growing, eh?

The Krugginator - Brexit, the morning after. Some calm and sensible discussion, such as this chart of the pound where if you squint really really hard you might be able to see the effect of the vote on their currency:

But since he's a Keynesian you're required to ignore him and call him some dummy sociamalist.

IKN - Bobby Genovese looking to refloat Liberty Silver in 2016. Good, let's see who he hires this time to pump his scam. As for IKN, it's now been over a year since he stopped talking to me because I'd mocked him for calling Blaise Pascal the president of Burkina Faso.

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  1. Ikn might be pissed with you, but I still like you.

    BTW i am all your traffic from Spain these days.