Monday, June 27, 2016

Some abuse for Kenneth Rogoff

Kenneth Rogoff - incompetent, ignorant bullshit from a proven liar. Here, let me quote you some:

Does a majority in Parliament have to support Brexit? Apparently not.

Um... yes it does, Kenneth. Parliament first has to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act, apparently, and that requires a majority. Then again, you shouldn't be expected to know this, because it doesn't involve gaming an Excel file to yield fake statistical results in support of ignorant right-wing austerian policy in the face of a global savings glut and a negative demand shock.

The idea that somehow any decision reached anytime by majority rule is necessarily “democratic” is a perversion of the term. Modern democracies have evolved systems of checks and balances to protect the interests of minorities and to avoid making uninformed decisions with catastrophic consequences.

It's especially difficult for voters to make informed decisions when faced with books by Harvard professors whose right-wing policy recommendations are based on intentionally gamed Excel files.

It is important to take stock not just of the outcome, though, but of the process.

Then why haven't you informed yourself of the process of Brexit by reading the article that the Guardian posted just today?

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